Spain: after falling from a sailboat, a dog swims for two days and finds her masters

Meet Jolie, a dog who showed great courage to find her masters after falling from a sailboat.

Dogs are amazing animals.

On Wednesday June 22, a couple of Danish tourists experienced a real nightmare in the Mediterranean Sea.

That day, the holidaymakers were on board their sailboat – bound for Ibiza – when a storm swept away Jolie, their Australian Shepherd dog . After falling from the boat, the furball disappeared in the middle of the strong waves, under the horrified gaze of its masters.

As reported by our colleagues from Woopets, the coast guards tried to find the doggie, but their research yielded nothing. The boaters were convinced that their animal had lost its life. The latter were far from suspecting that a miracle was about to occur.

The dog survives the storm and returns to the mainland after two days of swimming
When all hope was lost, Jolie was spotted by tourists on a beach in Águilas, a city located in the south-east of Spain. The quadruped was transferred by local authorities to an animal shelter.

On site, the canine’s chip allowed the staff to identify the owners… domiciled in Denmark. A detail that did not fail to challenge the volunteers.

However, it was a woman who was sailing at sea near Calpe (coastal town located 250 kilometers from the scene) who contacted the Danes. Indeed, the latter was aware of the disappearance of the Australian Shepherd, as well as the happy ending.

Unsurprisingly, the spouses hastened to rent a car to hug their four-legged companion. Luckily, the emotional reunion was captured on video.

This story demonstrates how brave and faithful the dog is. After surviving the storm, she used her last strength to swim back to her masters.

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