Aged 50, she becomes a mother for the first time and brought her dream to life

In North Carolina, a 50-year-old woman has become a mother for the first time after years of infertility.

Susie Troxler is a 50-year-old psychologist who lives in North Carolina with her 61-year-old husband, Tony. 13 years ago, the two lovers got married, and then they decided to have a baby. After years of trying, Susie never got pregnant , and the couple didn’t know the different ways to have a baby.

“When we got married, we just assumed I would get pregnant naturally, but that didn’t happen. We’re both old school, and when we were growing up, nobody told us about IVF [in vitro fertilization]. It didn’t exist for us ,” Susie explained.

Three years ago, Susie went to a North Carolina-based health center for an annual medical checkup. It was then that everything changed for the 50-year-old, since her doctor asked her if she had any questions, something that no one had ever asked her. At that moment, Susie talked about her hopes for pregnancy , and her doctor told her he was going to help her.

According to the medical community, it is more difficult for a woman over the age of 35 to get pregnant, and pregnancy is more risky. Susie was seen by a fertility specialist, who found benign muscle tumors in her uterus. These fibroids are common in women between the ages of 40 and 50, and they are even more so in black women. In 2019, Susie underwent surgery to remove these tumors, but she still hasn’t been able to have a child, due to health complications from her husband’s side.

After trying IVF, which didn’t work, the couple turned to egg donation. The first embryo came to nothing, then the Covid-19 pandemic complicated things as many clinics closed. As soon as they reopened, Susie attempted another pregnancy with a second embryo, and the miracle happened.

Susie finally got pregnant just before she turned 50. The pregnancy went very well and Susie had no major complications.

“I don’t even have words for it. It’s really, really, really surreal! Everything was in place for this moment to happen. We’re not just husband and wife anymore, we’re mom and dad ,” she said.

On September 29, 2021, Susie gave birth via Caesarean section. During the intervention, the young mother sang a gospel song to welcome her child. Eventually a baby girl was born, and she was named Lily.

“It was a magical, exciting and peaceful moment. Everyone in the room was excited and Lily walked out healthy and happy. He was a beautiful baby. I am convinced that the children come when they are supposed to come, whatever the age of the parents. We knew we would be parents one day. We weren’t going to give up, we had that faith. We dreamed of her. We knew no matter how it was going to be, it was going to happen. She is our miracle baby ,” said the mother.

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