Amiens: he gets 700 euros worth of clothes stolen from his shop and broadcasts CCTV images

In Amiens, a merchant was confronted with numerous thefts in his clothing store. Furious, he decided to publish the CCTV images of his store on social networks, in an attempt to find the thieves.

Jérôme Jean is the manager of a clothing store in Amiens, which is the target of recurring thefts. On January 10, 700 euros worth of textiles were stolen from his store in the space of a few minutes.

Thanks to the store’s CCTV cameras, three suspects were identified. In the images, a first person can be seen entering the store.

“He goes to a part of the store where there are not many people ,” comments Jérôme Jean. He takes a T-shirt and just behind it, a sleeveless down jacket. He watches what’s going on, he pretends to be a customer and he does it well by the way! Quickly, he folds the down jacket and puts it in his bag, he closes his bag and he comes out of the store.”

If the articles were well equipped with locks, the manager of the store affirms that “these people are always one step ahead. They are equipped with bags which make it possible to cut all the links with our security systems. »

This is not the first time that Jérôme Jean has had clothes stolen from his shop. Some time ago, four leather pieces were stolen, at a price of 2,500 euros.

It broadcasts the faces of thieves on the networks
Exasperated by the thefts in his store, Jérôme Jean took a radical decision: he broadcast the CCTV images of his shop on social networks, without blurring the faces of the customers, in order to identify the thieves .

By doing this, the merchant is illegal because under the Penal Code, he risks one year in prison and a fine of 45,000 euros for “invasion of privacy by the dissemination of images” .

“For several months, we have seen a significant increase in thefts, attempted thefts and nothing has changed since these individuals risk nothing, so I suggest you watch these two videos taken from the store’s video surveillance. It will cost what it will cost, but I assume what I did. Even if I don’t have the right, we thought we had to move the lines, so I made the decision to broadcast the CCTV images on social networks , ”said the trader.

Although he is illegal, Jérôme Jean hopes that the dissemination of these images will help him find the suspects, who will be arrested. If he does not count on the police investigation, he hopes that Internet users will recognize the faces of the thieves.

“If you see one of these three people, do not intervene, dial 17” , warns the trader.

This is not the first time that this kind of incident has occurred since last October, a merchant from Moselle also decided to expose the faces of thieves from his store on social networks. A radical solution, at the merchants’ risk and peril.


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