To ask for treats, this ginger cat uses the same melting look as Puss in Boots from Shrek

This red-haired cat looks like Puss in Boots from the movie Shrek. Like the animated character, the furball manages to get everything she wants thanks to her angel face.

With his red fur, big round black eyes and ears, Master Poe Poe could be mistaken for Puss in Boots from the movie Shrek . Like the animation character, the feline likes to play with its endearing nature.

Eight months old, Master Poe Poe has become a master in the art of manipulation. Indeed, he knows exactly how to widen his eyes to look innocent.

The furball uses his technique to demand treats from his owner, Deborah De Asis. To do this, the kitten puts her paws forward and begs her with her eyes until she gives in.

“I was so surprised when he started looking at me like that with his big eyes, I couldn’t help but film him ,” said the young woman to the British daily Metro.

Unsurprisingly, the Dutch woman falls for it every time her cat uses her charms to manipulate her: “He even does the same pose with his paws, so it works on me every time ,” she explained.

When his mistress finally gives in, Master Poe Po becomes a little rascal again: “He makes cute eyes to try to get what he wants, like a treat, but he’s not afraid to snatch things from you either straight from the hands ,” Deborah said.

As you will have understood, the feline looks exactly like Puss in Boots, although he does not have a hat and a pair of black boots.

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