He buys and turns three derelict planes into Airbnb homes, see the inside

In the United States, a flight instructor set himself a daunting challenge: to renovate three abandoned planes in order to transform them into Airbnbs.

For six years, Jon Kotwicki has been running a flight school in Alaska (USA). One thing is certain: he likes to take up challenges. Indeed, the latter had the crazy idea of ​​buying three abandoned planes

The reason ? He wants to turn them into Airbnbs for tourists and luxury accommodation for his students.

After several months of research, Jon Kotwicki finally managed to unearth a Boeing 727, a DC-6 (American four-engine airliner) and a Douglas DC-9 (short-haul airliner).

In total, the online instructor had planned a renovation budget ranging from $600,000 to $800,000 per device. Of this sum, $100,000 to $200,000 was spent on dismantling and transporting the planes to the school site.

As Insider magazine points out, Jon Kotwicki surrounded himself with a team of professionals to carry out the renovation work. The Boeing 727 will house one bedroom with a private entrance accessible via stairs located at the rear of the aircraft .

DC-9 and DC-6 will be transformed into private apartments, including a kitchen, bathroom, washing machine, dryer and heated floor tiles. The bridges will serve as public spaces for students or tourists who will spend the night at the flight school.

Finally, a hot tub will also be installed on one of the aircraft wings. According to the owner of the premises, the DC-6 will open its doors in June. Regarding the Boeing 727 and the DC-9, the end of the work is scheduled for next winter.

Rates for Airbnb spaces will range from $200 to $700 per night. The new accommodation will complement the huts already built on the site.


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