The famous French singer Pierre Perret celebrated his 88th birthday with friends at the swimming pool

Pierre Perret is a French composer and performer. This year, in March, the famous singer celebrated his 88th birthday.

Perret is known as a singer who “plays on words”. Being very popular, it is loved thanks to its light style.

Even today, the artist likes to enjoy his life. He celebrated his 88th birthday surrounded by his beloved buddies having a fun day.

According to the singer, numbers do not matter, you should always seek happiness at any age.

Pierre Perret likes to repeat that for his career as a musician, he owes his parents.

Notably, his father wanted his son to become a famous singer and took him to musical school.

The boy studied music theory, learned to play the saxophone, then he entered the Toulouse Conservatory.

The period of activity of the talented artist is realized since 1956 when he began to create and sing his own works.

The public appreciated them very much. Many people admired his talent.

His famous songs are “La Cage aux Oiseaux”, “Les jolies colonies de vacances”, “Mon p’tit loup” and many more.

The singer had an interesting and eventful life.

Unfortunately, in recent years he lost one of his daughters. But he has a close-knit wife and family.

He is also adored by his friends and they celebrated his birthday together.

His admirers congratulated him on the Internet, wishing him much happiness.

Pierre Perret has two other great passions as well. He has published works on the French language and on gastronomy.

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