Woman stole 5 eggs to feed her children: watch what happened next

The events of this touching story took place in Tarrant, a city in Alabama, United States.

The central character of Les Misérables by Victor Hugo, Jean Valjean, was convicted of stealing bread for his nephews.

Johnson, a woman who lived in poverty, was not arrested by Constable William Stacy for the theft of five eggs.

Mrs. Johnson cared for her two children, her two grandsons and her nieces. And everyone had to be fed.

But lately the woman had lost her job and for two days they had not eaten anything. She had to steal five eggs, because after buying eggs, she ran out 60 cents.

The eggs broke in his pocket and the vendors noticed his theft.

When police officer William Stacy arrived on the scene, he learned the woman’s story and instead of arresting her, he bought her some eggs and asked her never to steal.

After a short time, William Stacy arrived at Johnson. Seeing him, the woman began to cry.

She thought Officer Stacy had come to arrest her. But the policeman explained the purpose of his visit, that he wanted to know in what conditions the family was living.

And he brought something to eat. The woman hugged the officer before he left. And these pleasant moments were photographed and posted on Facebook.

But that wasn’t the end of the story. Constable William Stacy came in a few days with others bringing two truckloads of food for the family.

Johnson was so moved and touched that she couldn’t hold back her tears. Never in life had she had so much food.

The officer contacted the People’s First Federal Credit Union fund for Johnson to receive periodic aid.

When Johnson’s story went viral, Chief Constable William said several people contacted him offering money and other items for Ms. Johnson.

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