If You Remember This Sixtuplet Born 20 Years Ago, Look How Much They’ve Grown and Changed

The city of Norwich, Kansas had 450 residents, but the current city population count is 444. This is because the Headrick sextuplets moved from their hometown to Kansas.

The sextuplets were born in 2002 and the day they were born was a national holiday for locals.

And now they finished high school in Norwich and were going in different directions.

It was obvious that their parents, Sondra and Eldon Headrick were very emotional and had strange feelings.

“We’re so proud of our kids, but it’s true that we’re also sad because we’re separating for the first time,” Sondra told TODAY Parents.

The mother explained that she was a happy mother, because her very young children would continue their studies in Kansas.

Ethan would go on to study technical networking at Wichita State University and Sean would become a cybersecurity specialist at Cowley College.

Grant, who is a very sociable teenager, has decided not to continue this year. He was going to work for a while.

Jaycie, one of the girls, would continue her studies at Pratt Community College to become a teacher and the other two, Danielle and Melissa, will study graphic design and animation at Hutchinson Community College.

Sondra explained that Danielle and Melissa won’t be living together, but they’ll be sharing the same floor to be closer.

“Throughout their lives the sextuplets have been inseparable and the first few days will be a bit unusual for them until they get used to this new situation,” the children’s mother said.

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