Amusing story of the bear family who wanted to steal Yves Benois’ car

Generally, thieves and burglars are among humans. And also, people think that they are protected from theft in the forest, but they are wrong. We will introduce you to car thieves, friendly and extraordinary.

One day, Yves Benoît was resting with his family enjoying the beautiful day. After a lunch on the grass, they relaxed by lying down on the grass of a lawn.

His wife Nina went to fetch water from the car. But she came back running away. She could barely explain to her husband what was happening near their car.

Nina had noticed a group of bears surrounding their car. Yves went to follow them from afar. He saw that a whole family of bears was around his vehicle.

It was a very curious sight. The cubs entered the car through the open windows. And their mother bear circled around the car.

All of this was unexpected for Yves Benoît. The animals were having a great time and one was comfortably seated in the driver’s seat.

During this time, the family managed to take photos of this magnificent spectacle. After so much fun, the cubs finally left the car and drove away with their mother.

The thieves were unable to accomplish their theft. Luckily the car was in good condition.

Following their return, the family posted all their photos on social networks, which amused all admirers.

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