Young nervous teenager makes all the judges turn around with “Dancing in the Dark”

A child was able to perform on stage with the man who inspired him to become a rock star. McFly’s Danny Jones took the stage to join young Ryan. It’s a dream come true for him. Ryan wanted to be on Danny Jones’ team, so he picked the perfect song to impress the head of McFly. It’s a song Springsteen wrote to express his difficulty writing a hit single.

He was a star but was frustrated trying to write songs people would like after his manager, Jon Landau, demanded a hit single for the album. The best part was when Danny pressed his red button and rolled over! It was a moment that Ryan had been hoping for and wishing for before hitting the stage.

Check out how happy and supportive his family is! And at the end of the performance, Danny put on a McFly song called “Obviously” with his admiring young fan.

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