The father and his son become very emotional when carrying the sweet newborn girl in their arms

Joo Prudencio Neto and his wife Carolina Prudencio had an only son. After the birth of their son David, the woman became sterile.

But the family was still not hopeless, and the guy dreamed of a sister, and together with his parents he prayed that God would give them a gift.

Finally, after a gap of 10 years, a cute girl came into the world and she was named Giovanna.

The child made the whole family happy, especially the guy was perfectly delighted.

When father and son, sitting on the sofa, took the little miracle in their arms, they expressed their feelings in tears.

At first, the little boy quietly rocked the baby, but when he looked intently at the infant’s serene face, he began to cry excitedly which also moved the happy dad.

Although Joo spoke words of consolation in his son’s ear, the boy kept crying, thus expressing feelings of pleasure and delight.

And both of them started to shed tears of joy.

Notably, the young boy could not hold back his tears and these were fantastic times for him.

These touching moments were caught on camera and the footage showed how emotional the brother was as he held his sweet newborn sister.

Of course, Joo and Davit were also crying remembering the anguished years when the family was waiting for a miracle and now their dream has come true and filled them with joy and happiness.

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