This black panther, rejected by his mother at birth, has found the joy of living alongside a Rottweiler

This is a story unlike any other. At a zoo in Siberia, a young black panther named Luna was rejected by her mother for an unknown reason. The latter refused to give her the milk and the care she needed, making her chances of survival very slim.

Fortunately for Luna, only a few weeks old, an extraordinary person was particularly affected by her situation and came to her rescue. Thanks to her experience in the education and breeding of big cats, she was able to take care of her and ensure that she grew up normally with all the necessary comfort for that. Result, in less time than it takes to tell, Luna managed to evolve normally by taking advantage of a specialized diet filled with vitamins and proteins and finally regained her joy of living.

Very quickly, Luna and her guardian angel developed a very strong relationship and this complicity seduced the management of the zoo , who decided to entrust their responsibility to the woman who had saved him. After having attested that she was able to offer him the life and the space that the young black panther deserved to flourish at best, she recovered him and now takes care of him full time.

The panther has developed a great bond with the Rottweiler of the woman who saved him
Since arriving at her savior’s home, Luna has been able to meet Venza, a Rottweiler dog owned by the same woman. Following a long process of presentation and verification of their good understanding, the current between the two animals went well and over time, the two females ended up becoming very close. Today, they are inseparable and seem to be happier than ever to have found a companion with whom to play, share their daily life and explore the world around them. You only have to see the photos below to realize at a glance that they are really adorable together!

To follow the adventures of Luna and Venza, visit the  luna_the_panthera Instagram profile .

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