Slimane, a single father, puts his career on hold to devote himself to his daughter

For some time, Slimane has had a little girl named Esmeralda. For the latter, the singer is ready for anything, even to take a step back in his career. We tell you more.

Slimane needs no introduction. Born on October 13, 1989, he is one of the most popular singers of the moment. As a reminder, the young man was revealed to the general public following his participation in “The Voice” season 5. Having emerged as the big winner of the show, he has since been swimming in success.

A Fulfilled Family Man – He Is Ready To Do Anything For His Offspring
Over the past few years, Slimane has released many songs, but also albums. Moreover, “Versus”, his opus in collaboration with Vitaa, hits the shelves. Otherwise, the former talent of Florent Pagny has also released solo albums such as “À bout de rêves” and “Solune”.

However, even if he became popular thanks to his music, his child surely remains his greatest achievement. But the birth of little Esmeralda did not go at all as her dad had planned.

Indeed, by announcing the birth of her baby, Slimane revealed that her feelings were mixed. For good reason, Esmeralda, born two months in advance, had some health problems.

The little girl had difficulty breathing and eating, according to her father’s revelations.

If the little girl is now doing well, this experience remains traumatic for her dad. Faced with Thomas Sotto, the interpreter of “Come, we love each other” had revealed that he had stayed with Esméralda in the neonatology department, “for long hours”, after the birth of the baby.

And when Julia Vignali asked him if he had been afraid for his little girl at that time, the singer answered in the affirmative.

According to his story, he even wanted to tell Esmeralda to stay with him so he could give her all his love. But this episode is now behind the musician. Since the birth of the little girl, Slimane’s life has completely changed.

The birth of the baby, according to him, allowed him to question himself vis-à-vis the way he “lives his job”.

While his new album had just been released at the beginning of September 2022, the singer revealed to 20 Minutes that he was not yet planning to tour. And for good reason, the young dad wants to take advantage of his daughter, “to take the time to appreciate what is happening to her”.

As he continued, he remembered the birth of little Esmeralda. Again, Slimane does not hide his fear.

“When you see your 1.6 kg baby struggling for two months to gain weight and try to breathe, it calms you (…) it allowed me to take a step back”, he declared.

In addition, the young man also dedicated songs to his little angel in his new album, entitled “Chroniques d’un cupidon”. “Thousands of I love you” is one of them.

“What I have been looking for all my life is fatherhood that has brought it to me. I think I had too much love in me, and suddenly it was finally able to come out for good reasons”,

he said during his appearance in 50 ‘Inside, in May 2022.

A love which, according to the father of the family, continues to grow every time he “changes a diaper, gives a bottle” and Esmeralda looks at her daddy.

On the airwaves of RFM, he also thanked his baby for having turned his life upside down. Since the birth of his daughter, he says, “everything is better” in his daily life.

For him, Esmeralda is “his girlfriend”. The father and daughter would share “a lot of things” together, according to the words of the musician. However, the latter clarified that he is not at all protective of his child. He prefers to let her live as she wants.

Her Friendship With Vitaa – The Singer’s Confidences About Her Friend’s Paternity
When Slimane does not talk about his daily life as a dad, it is his sidekick Vitaa who distills some details on this subject. Invited to Télé-Loisirs, the singer made tender revelations concerning the paternity of her friend.

According to Diam’s great friend, Slimane is “an exceptional, surprising, amazing dad”. The musician plays this role so well that his friend had a hard time believing it.

“I did not expect that. It’s innate with him.” she said.

And if Slimane had asked Vitaa for advice on having a child, the singer claimed that he did not need it at all. According to her, the singer immediately felt “at ease” as a father.

“He was ready, that’s what he wanted to do”, she added.

In addition, Vitaa also takes its role of “tata” to heart. According to the words of the singer, little Esmeralda had “lots of gifts” from her.

This shows how the link between Slimane and her is very strong. The interpreter of “My sister” even called the young man a “little brother” at Télé-Loisirs.

For his part, Slimane had dedicated a moving message for his friend during the NRJ Music Awards. If many people see Vitaa as a singer, this is not the case with the singer at all.

The latter says he “met a friend”, “someone from his family”, who “helped him to be someone better”.

During his speech, Slimane also spoke about the end of their duo. He stressed that he would miss Vitaa very much. However, the end of their collaboration does not mean that they also stop seeing each other.

Slimane had revealed that he still goes to the studio with Vitaa from time to time to support himself vis-à-vis their solo project. A true friendship!


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