This 82-year-old volunteer takes care of babies when their parents cannot

David Deutchman, a former chief marketing officer, began lecturing at colleges and universities in Atlanta after his retirement in 2000.

He had fun doing that, but he wanted to do something else with his time.

He then started volunteering at a hospital for child care.

David began his career as a volunteer in the neonatal and pediatric intensive care units, providing parents and children with hugs, support and solace.

The man observed that some of the patients’ family members did not visit them. He said: “There were babies that nobody was visiting.”

The man, who spends two days a week in hospital, is now referred to as the “ICU grandfather”. David, a volunteer at the hospital for over 16 years, said: “It’s a nice atmosphere, I like it.

He says that through his voluntary work, he discovered that many children need kindness in addition to being healthy.
Unfortunately, some children need a little more affection.

Scottish Rite’s Children’s Healthcare in Atlanta released a photo of David holding a baby, revealing his role as a grandfather in intensive care.

He once told CNN, “They just don’t understand what reward you could get for holding a baby like that.

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