A dog and a cat with a matching coat are the best friends in the world

The dog features a black and white coat and so does his best friend. With one small difference, a canine’s best friend is a cat. The two animals are inseparable.

These two make the proverb “ like dog and cat ” lie. Besides, one is a dog , the other… a cat . But make no mistake, this is the only difference between the two friends. Because both are best friends and incidentally black and white. Similar in appearance, they are also in their behavior.

Perfectly synchronized, the duo do everything identically: sleep, look out the window, walk around and even taste their birthday cake. Inseparable, the two friends also share the same bed in addition to their appearance.

What makes you smile when you discover the two friends is how much they look alike. Both are two-tone, specifically black and white. Including their face. Their ears are black, while a band of white fur crosses their face from forehead to belly, carefully avoiding the eyes.

An adorable duo that will make you melt for sure. To enter a little into the daily life made of love and sweetness of the two friends, immerse yourself in the video below which shares a little bit of their invincible bond.

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