Little girl Gia and her dog Zara are the cutest friends ever

There are four-legged friends who are like a blessing to the family. Rottweiler dog Zara grows up with little girl Gia.

The couple have been together since Gia was born. Zara is the girl’s best friend, loyal and loving. It is an impeccable friendship, full of good pleasant moments.

Gia’s mother, Stacey, says the two of them are like two drops of water. This tender love was born when Gia was a tiny baby, even before that when the girl was in her mother’s womb.

“This friendship blossomed when Gia took her first steps and started eating solid food. She always shares it.

And for Zara, she is a sweet source of joy,” says mom Stacey. The dog treats her like a member of his pack and they grow up as well as siblings.

They fell in love with music. They sang together for the first time as soon as Gia started her baby gig.

So Zara immediately accompanied her newborn friend. And each time, he hurried to join his sister in song. From then on, they became the most admirable duo.

The family lives in Africa and the fairy couple spend their days in the garden making music together.

The parents bought Gia a microphone for Christmas.

And when the little girl begins to sing into the microphone, the dog howls as loud as possible.

You have to listen to that. As soon as Gia starts, Zara’s “awoos” follows right away and it’s the sweetest accompaniment in the world.

Proud of her children, the mother posted a video of the admirable duo on the internet. Currently, these pop singers have 28,000 followers on Instagram.

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