This elderly dog is happy to meet the baby in his new adoptive family

Mr. Richard has a house near his villa where pets live. The animals are well fed and cared for by a special worker.

One day, his nephew Armand visited him with his wife Flora. The uncle was very happy to see the young couple. After lunch, they went to see the animal abode. Among the animals was an old dog, but still in good shape. His name was Bill. He was sixteen years old and had lived here for a long time.

He was an intelligent dog who let Armand and Flora pet him. The couple decided to ask the uncle to give them a present. They wanted to adopt Bill.

The uncle loved this dog, but accepted this proposal with pleasure, being sure that the young people would take care of him perfectly.

The couple took this wonderful creature and now the dog lives his happy life with them. He is very fond of Armand and Flora. It is a reciprocal love between man and dog.

Once, stroking Bill, Armand promised his four-legged friend a lot of pretty promises.

He promised to take care of him, clean him, take him for walks and spend extra money when he had health problems. He confessed that Bill is a very expensive gift.

Now Armand and Flora have a baby, and the dog loves him dearly. When the child sleeps, Bill sits in front of his crib and watches his sleep.

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