Man saves baby duckling but now the duck refuses to leave him

It’s the sweetest thing!

Cheerio spends his time wandering around with his friends outside when his father is at work, but always comes home at the end of the day when he knows his father has returned from work.

Before meeting Cheerio, Steven Thibeault probably never thought he would have a duck as a tenant in the apartment complex he runs in Nahant, Massachusetts.

When Thibeault first met Cheerio, he was just a lonely duckling struggling to keep from drowning in the resort pool.

Luckily, Thibeault was able to pick the little bird up out of the pool and make sure he was okay.

Thibeault attempted to reunite Cheerio with his mother, but she was nowhere to be found.

Knowing that Cheerio could not survive on his own, Thibeault decided to bring him home and take care of him.

He assumed he would be able to release the duckling back into the wild one day. Cheerio, however, had other plans.

He decided he was going to be Thibeault’s new best friend who would always be around.

That’s because even though Cheerio is free to roam, he always comes back to Thibeault’s house.

Cheerio goes out when Thibeault goes to work.

It’s time to fly, go swimming in the ocean or hang out with the other ducks.

But no matter what, Cheerio always returns to his human father at night.

“He’s pretty much on my schedule, so we come to work, he’s out most of the day and after work we come home,” Thibeault told The Dodo.

He has a social life, he has spent time with other ducks, which makes me happy, but in the end he chooses me.

That might change one day, but that’s up to him.

Cheerio actually has a lot of duck friends.

He is even friendly with different species of birds.

“He gets along very well with other ducks, especially males,” said Thibeault.

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