Deadly ill woman bids farewell to her horse and two dogs from her hospital bed

In England, a terminally ill woman said goodbye to her horse and two dogs. A moving moment that may bring you a few tears.

Some time ago, a scene as beautiful as it was sad unfolded in a hospital in Chester, England . A terminally ill patient was visited by her horse and two dogs.

The patient, named Jane Holman, had a wonderful time with her beloved horse Bob and her two Cavalier King Charles Spaniels. It must be said that the latter did not expect to see them again.

A moving reunion
Before her hospitalization, the sexagenarian did not have the chance to say goodbye to them. Touched by her story, the clinic staff decided to give her a nice gift. One morning, Jane had the surprise of her life when she discovered Bob on the hospital patio.

Installed in her bed, the former rider gave carrots and bananas to her faithful companion. For its part, the equine did not hesitate to bury its nostrils in the neck and knees of its mistress.

“I can’t believe what the hospice staff have done for me. A few weeks ago I was still riding Bob every day and he is such an important part of my life. I missed him so much ,” Jane said.

Back in her room, the patient found her favorite furballs: Monty and Rowley. This second surprise which she did not expect was a real breath of fresh air.

During this day full of emotions, Jane was able to say goodbye to her animals with whom she shared a large part of her life: “ I knew that it was possible to organize the visit of my dogs (…) but I didn’t expect the hospital to give me the chance to see Bob one last time ,” she said.

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