The 10-year-old girl shocks the whole room with her choreography

The 10-year-old shocks the whole room with her choreography. All children are talented, it is enough that they can try several disciplines to find what they really like. This little girl quickly developed a passion for figure skating and, supported by her loved ones, she dazzled the public at just 10 years old. Few sports in the world mix as many elements as figure skating.

This sport is a combination of skating and dancing, where original choreography, rhythm and elegance are the basis for success. It’s a spectacular sport that requires a lot of training because it’s not just about skating and doing tricks, it’s also about doing it to the music and trying to bond with the audience. Veronika, 10, is already an expert at thrilling audiences. She managed to win over the audience with a fantastic rendition of the song Hallelujah.

Many people are surprised after watching this video and we were too. It’s hard to believe she’s only 10! Veronika’s video was released in early September and has been viewed for over a million times!

At the start of the video, the audience is flickering in the dark from their cell phones. It looks like a beautiful night sky with dozens of stars! This starry sky and the fantastic performance of the little girl make this video an enchanting moment.

Below you can see the spectacular performance! Did we mention she’s only 10?

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