A dog falls into a canal, 7 young people join forces to save him

The moving video of two students ready to do anything to save a dog that has fallen into the water.

In a video that has gone viral on the Internet, seven young people join forces to save Sumak, a dog who fell into a canal.

A group of students helped a dog that had fallen into freezing water and was desperately trying to climb over the parishes. It all started when Jack Spencer Furmston and Ben Camphor, two 20-year-olds, were returning home. Indeed, after having been in a cafe, they noticed that a lady had had a mishap with her pet. Footage also shows the lady still holding her dog on a leash as he tries to scale the sodden parishioners of the canal.

7 young people join forces to save a dog that has fallen into a canal The young people come to his aid and then try to get the dog out of the canal. One of the young people descended into the channel maintained by his friends. “The crowd started to build up.

The taller person, who happened to be Ben, then managed to grab the dog. Just as seen in the video,” Jack said. Also, and after the rescue, Ben Camphor pointed out that after seeing the lady with a leash that seemed to be in the canal, he first thought she was walking a duck. But then he realized, “I felt like I couldn’t drop this dog let alone walk past it without helping it.

So, I took off my sweater and got into action. I have a dog, so there was no way that I would remain unresponsive to this situation,” he added. Internet users on social networks applauded the work of the young people. But also the help they gave to the lady and her dog.

Fortunately, they managed to end the story in a positive way. Thanks to these seven young people who helped the woman save her dog. Indeed, without their help, the rescue would not have been possible.

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