‘If I had to starve myself, I would’: She spends half of her meager income buying luxury clothes for her seven-month-old baby

In England, a mother in financial difficulty spends a large part of her income to buy designer clothes for her daughter.

Carissa Spark, a British mother, does not skimp on the means when it comes to buying luxury clothes for her seven-month-old baby. The problem? She only lives on 180 pounds (about 205 euros) a week.

Despite her financial difficulties, this single mother spends crazy sums during her shopping sessions. As a result, her daughter Lavinia’s dressing room is overflowing with Louis Vuitton clothes and other haute couture brands.

As the Daily Mail reports, Carissa often finds herself counting pennies to pay her bills and buy necessities. A situation that does not seem to disturb her: ” If I had to starve myself, I would ,” she said on the reality show Blinging Up Baby .

The young woman has taken to eating instant noodles and canned soups to survive: ” Lavinia’s needs come first ,” she explained.

Still according to her, her desire to offer an expensive wardrobe to her child is linked to her own childhood: “ I was never close to my mother and I did not want to reproduce the same pattern with my child ”.

In financial difficulty, Carissa can fortunately count on the support of those close to her: ” I think that if we didn’t help her, she wouldn’t be able to feed herself (…) “, declared the young woman’s grandmother. woman at news site.

Without real surprise, the fashion victim is the subject of strong criticism on social networks: ” Babies grow very quickly, so I don’t see the point of spending colossal sums on expensive clothes and accessories that will not be used to nothing in a few months. It’s a huge waste of money , ”commented a user.

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