The bully victim went back to school after the bully left

After being out of school for three months, a 10-year-old boy who is the victim of school bullying will be able to return to school, following the departure of his bully.

For several years, Maël (assumed name), a 10-year-old boy in CM2 class, was the victim of school bullying . Since December 2021, he had been teased and beaten by one of his comrades. An untenable situation for the little boy, who had dark thoughts in mind.

Faced with the malaise of their child, Maël’s parents had no other choice but to take him out of school. For three months, the child had been working at home, the time to find a solution. Thanks to the implementation of the SAPAD system (Home-based educational assistance service), Maël went to his school two hours a week, after closing time, to receive help from his mistress.

Maël will return to his class
Finally, Maël will be able to return to his class in the coming days. The reason ? The bullying student will change schools. A proposal made by National Education to the family of the schoolboy in question, who accepted. Since then, Maël has been relieved and happy to be able to go back to school .

“I feel joy, gratitude, I’m happy, I’m going to see my friends again! I’m not going to talk about him anymore, I don’t want to talk about him anymore, it’s a relief , ”he said.

The good news was announced to his parents by the rector of the academy. The latter, who found it unfair that Maël was taken out of school without there being any sanction for the harassing student, are also relieved.

“I’m tired, exhausted, but it’s victory! It’s a one-year fight, it took 6 to 8 months to have the harassment recognized. We are relieved but we lost a lot of time and energy. Since we took our son out of school, we wanted the other child out of school. We weren’t guaranteed that our son wouldn’t meet his bully and in our opinion, the other students shouldn’t have to suffer that. Mael is very happy. He wanted to go back to his school and find his friends. He is sleeping again and he is gradually regaining his appetite ,” said Maël’s father.

Maël should therefore return to school this Monday, March 6. A meeting must be held with the staff of the establishment so that the return of the child takes place in the best possible conditions. In the coming weeks, Maël will continue to see his psychologist. Appointments whose costs are the responsibility of his parents.

“Since April 2022, all consultations are at our expense. We are not entitled to any refund despite our requests to the academy. This weighs on the family budget , ”regrets Maël’s father, who intends to change things.

For this, the child’s father is doing everything possible to raise awareness of his son’s situation on social networks. In the coming weeks, he should be received by Brigitte Macron to make proposals to fight against school harassment.

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