A tenant does not pay his rent, this owner decides to remove… the windows of the house!

In Moselle, the owner of a dwelling found himself faced with unpaid rent. To make himself heard, he made a radical decision by removing the windows from the house.

Owning a home and deciding to rent it is not always easy, especially when faced with unpaid rent. Indeed, it happens that tenants do not always pay their rent on time, which puts landlords in uncomfortable situations.

In Moselle, an owner used the strong way to claim his rent. Indeed, Guillaume Steinmetz has decided… to remove the windows from his house !

“I haven’t received a penny for eight months. I contacted all the services, including those of the State which subsidizes the association, but nothing helped. My orders to pay are all disputed. As a result, the eviction procedure is constantly postponed , ”said the owner of the residence.

He removes the windows from the house
This owner decided to rent his house in partnership with the Amli association, which helps people in need to find housing solutions. Thus, the tenant had occupied the house since December 1, 2021. However, since moving in, its landlord has not received any rent.

According to the association, the fact that the tenant does not pay is justified because the owner would have undertaken to do work in the house, which he never carried out.

“We are not bad payers but necessary work must be done. We are within our rights. A procedure is in progress, the courts will decide” , declared the deputy director of the association.

On the owner’s side, he claims to have redone the roof and the heating of his house. To be heard and claim his rent, he therefore took the radical decision to remove the windows from the accommodation since July 8. Although he is waiting for the delivery of new windows, his act allows him to protest against the association which does not pay him. In Moselle, war is declared.

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