The Voice: for their son with a rare disease, they perform a song in sign language

For the third session of The Voice blind auditions, a couple shocked the coaches by performing a song in sign language. A performance in honor of their son suffering from a serious rare disease.

Last night on TF1, the program The Voice offered to watch the third salvo of the blind auditions. Then arrive on stage Charles, a 35-year-old event salesman, and his wife Eliane.

He then sings the song “Fais-moi une place” by Julien Clerc while his wife accompanies him with sign language. A situation that the coaches cannot really see since the audition is happening blind.
If the coaches do not turn around, Vianney asks when he discovers that there are two of them: “You are two, what happened?” . Amel Bent, she guesses: “Maybe it signs, right?” .

Charles then responds, overwhelming the coaches with emotion: “We are both here because we have a sick child, Lucien. He is in his bubble, he is deaf. There was a one in a billion chance of that happening. The love that binds us is also the fight we lead with our son. Later in life he will see dad sing and if he can’t hear he will see mum sign” .

A touching story
Their 3-year-old son Lucien has a rare disease called BVVL (Brown-Vialetto-Van Laere) syndrome. This neurological disease is characterized by progressive cerebral paralysis associated with sensorineural deafness.

Touched by their story, Zazie went to join the couple on stage to send a message to little Lucien: “Can you sign what I am going to say? Lucien, your dad and your mom love you very much” .

In his portrait, Charles said more about his son’s illness: “Lucien has a very rare illness. At 3 years old, he lost his hearing, he no longer speaks, he is visually impaired and has difficulty moving around. It’s not easy, but we’re doing our best with my wife to give her the best possible life. Beyond the disease, Lucien is a magnificent child. You always have to keep hope, that’s the message I want to send by participating in The Voice.

Charles and his wife also founded the association La Petite Bulle de Lulu, for children with serious illnesses like their son. If no coach has turned around, Vianney assures: “what you threw at us when we saw nothing, we really received it” .

To close his speech, Charles took the opportunity to remember the good memories of Amel Bent who shared a common adventure, that of the program Nouvelle Star in 2004: “We are doing the adventure together that revealed you…” .

A revelation that upset the singer even more, who had not recognized him: “It’s not you?! We were 19! We are old, huh…” .

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