To get revenge on the canvassers on the phone, this retiree has found the perfect strategy to waste their time

Exasperated by abusive canvassing, a Breton pensioner, who is not lacking in humor, has decided to make fun of the people who call him, and it’s quite funny.

We don’t teach you anything if we tell you that abusive canvassing is a plague that poisons the lives of millions of French people.

Faced with this untimely scourge, everyone reacts in their own way! Some hang up instantly while others prefer not to answer the phone , even if it means missing important calls.

But there are those who prefer to laugh at it, turning the situation around!

This is particularly the case of a certain Georges Briand, who takes malicious pleasure in driving his interlocutors crazy.

Exasperated, he plays the game of abusive canvassers and leads them on
As he explains to our colleagues from, this retiree from La Richardais, near Dinard (Ille-et-Vilaine), thus plays with canvassers, telling them everything and anything.

It must be said that Georges doesn’t have much choice because he doesn’t have a cell phone or an email address. He is therefore forced to answer all the telephone calls he receives, as a precaution.

So inevitably, it sometimes falls on unwanted calls!

But where some would get angry, he prefers to have fun.

Since May 2019, he has noted all the numbers (he has identified no less than 1,700) and sometimes holds the leg to canvassers, not hesitating to disconcert them.

Recently, he pretended to be a trafficker by answering a call offering him, supposedly, training via the CPF (personal training account). A phone call that looks like a scam .


“ I replied that I was interested in training, that I was a salesman… that I was crossing Spain to Algeciras and then going to get supplies in Marakech. That I was selling drugs, what. So of course, it hangs up , ”he says.

From time to time, he makes a good word like this time when he pretended that the box of his interlocutor had already called him, a certain Sarah, Sarah Croche…

But not everyone appreciates his humor and it is not uncommon for some interlocutors, annoyed at having been rolled in flour, to insult and threaten him by telling him, for example, that they know where he lives. .

Georges ignores these intimidations and continues to waste their time with his canvassers because he “ prevents other people from being bothered ”.

His approach is also civic because he hopes that his experience will make things happen.

He thus sent the list of all the numbers listed to the deputy for Saint-Malo Jean-Luc Bourgeaux, with a view to the bill aimed at better regulating telephone canvassing.

This project will be debated on October 6 at the Assembly.

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