Boy Creates Prom Dress By Himself Because His Parents Couldn’t Give Their Daughter One

A young man has managed to create a beautiful dress for his sister on his own so that she can go to the prom.

Sometimes, some people discover an innate talent for an activity. For young Maverick Francisco Oyao, it was about tailoring skills he didn’t suspect.

Her sister dreamed of going to her school’s prom. And as with any prom, the prom dress is required. Except that Maverick’s parents can’t afford a proper dress for their daughter. The latter, very sad, thought she should definitely draw a line under this event that she was impatiently awaiting.

Maverick couldn’t bear to see his sad sister. He then decided to take matters into his own hands and make a dress for his sister himself with materials he would find in stalls. On Facebook , the young man told daily the evolution of his challenge. The latter quickly became popular on the social network.

Initially, Maverick nearly dropped everything. Despite their lower price than the big box stores, the materials he needed for the dress were still too expensive for him in the markets. He finally resolved to try everything for everything.

It was then that he started looking on Youtube and Google for prom dresses to find a model, an inspiration. Maverick came across a Michael Cinco dress from the Spring/Summer collection which he decided to take inspiration from. He started with a sketch, impressive for a novice in the field, before obtaining the necessary fabrics.

On Facebook, the young budding couturier did not fail to recount his experience point by point: “ It was my first day. I was nervous and didn’t know where to start. I cut out 9 pieces of blue fabric, decorated them with a satin ribbon and sewed them together to make a skirt ”.

“ As there was no room inside the house, we tried the skirt outside. 50% of the work was done – my sister’s dress was almost done ”. “I used flower patterns on the skirt.”

The more Maverick persevered, the more the dress took shape. The least we can say is that the young man puts a lot of love and care into it for an impressive result. “ I painted a shaded blue bodice to match the color scheme of the lower part of the dress. I was coming home from school and working on it. Sometimes I became extremely tired, but imagining the result, I had the energy to continue the hard work. And finally – a day I will never forget! I even cried with joy because all those sleepless nights paid off ”.

On D-Day, Maverick did not fail to accompany his sister with whom he posed for a photo to show his subscribers the final result: “ And here I am with my sister. I didn’t expect to finish it in time. I even doubted whether I could do it or not because the concept was different from what I was already doing. I am happy to see my sister happy ”. Maverick received countless messages of encouragement and support which made him happy.

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