The mother abandoned her sick child in a shoebox. After 17 years, he brought the judges to tears

The newborn Emmanuel Kelly and his brother, abandoned by their mother to their fate, were found by the nuns in a shoebox. Both babies had underdeveloped limbs. Unable to give the boys the care they needed, the nuns transferred Emmanuel and Ahmed to an orphanage.

In 1998, the brothers were discovered by Australian aid worker Moira Teresa Kelly at the Mother Teresa orphanage in Baghdad.

Moira brought the children to her home in Australia and gave them the opportunity to receive proper treatment and care. She quickly adopted the boys. This act allowed the brothers to survive and grow up happily.

Ahmed, who lost all four of his limbs, became a swimmer and represented Australia at the 2012 London Summer Paralympics. And Emmanuel was gifted in another way. He’s an incredible singer. His family convinced him to enter the X Factor in 2011 when he was 17 years old.

Bold and confident, Emmanuel performed John Lennon’s “Imagine,” which moved the judges and audience to tears.

It’s amazing how the meaning of an iconic song like “Imagine” can change depending on who sings it.

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