A waitress takes care of a “capricious” child: his mother can finally eat

Having a child is a great blessing but at the same time a great responsibility: they are energetic little creatures that require the utmost care and attention. It is precisely for this reason that many parents feel completely exhausted at some point and it is not always possible to ask for help.

Jessica Ibarra, a young woman from Texas, USA knows this well. On a typical day, she was on her way to a restaurant for breakfast when her 18-month-old son Dominic started crying and throwing tantrums. The young mother tried everything to calm him down, but the little guy wouldn’t stop.

Normally, Dominic is adorable and cheerful: he loves being with his mum, but that morning he was quite restless, so Jessica had the idea of ​​having breakfast outside to allow him a change of environment and enjoy their favorite pancakes.

Despite his favorite dish, little Dominic became even more nervous. Afraid of making too much noise in a restaurant full of customers, Jessica decided it was best to leave: “He was very restless and trying to climb everywhere. I was tense because I was disturbing others, so I asked the bill without touching the food ,” said the young mother.

Meanwhile, waitress Laura Zaku was watching from afar and decided to lend a hand: she approached Jessica’s table and offered to help. “I thought she wanted to help me pack my takeout meal, but she asked if she could hold my baby so I could eat my pancakes at the table in peace,” Jessica recalled.

“I saw this young mother, and I could understand her frustration: I also have two children, and although they are adults now, I have not forgotten their tantrums in public places and restaurants,” Laura commented. Jessica looked at Laura who took Dominic in her arms: the little boy calmed down instantly . The mother was so impressed she was moved and thanked the waitress countless times. Then, once back home, she told her story on Facebook, where she received thousands of shares and as many comments of solidarity for the mother and admiration for the waitress.

Do you agree on the value of this very simple gesture?

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