Meet Kristen Cruz, the star of TikTok․ This immense talent can’t go unnoticed

Singer Kristen Cruz has gained a following on social media for her singing videos.

The 19-year-old singer from Texas introduced herself to the AGT judges by sharing that she enjoys posting videos of herself singing and making drinks like matcha, coffee and protein shakes. She added that she tried to find a job at Home Depot before realizing she would rather pursue her dream of singing.

Kristen currently has 4.5 million followers on TikTok, where she has posted videos of herself singing songs by artists including Alicia Keys, Maroon 5 and Michael Jackson. She also frequently performs Christian music on her various social media platforms.

During her audition, Kristen shared that she hoped to “inspire people, to make them feel like you don’t have to be anything other than yourself,” adding, “I don’t have to be the norm. Of the industry.”

During her audition, Kristen performed a cover of Everybody Loves an Outlaw’s “I See Red,” showing off a powerful and moving voice that wowed the judges and had the audience applauding.

Heidi Klum said she wanted Kristen’s voice, calling her “a star already in the making.” Sofia Vergara praised his confidence. Simon Cowell said he was surprised by her performance, calling her voice “seasoned” and complimenting her song choice.

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