It felt like the song was performed by a prominent singer, not a 10-12 year old girl

Good performance!

The musical project “Voice of Children” has become so popular that no television entertainment program can compare with it. The Voice first appeared in the Netherlands in 2010. The idea to create this talent show belongs to John de Mol.

When little Gidi Laroko took the stage and sang the first words of the song, the chair of the first judge turned to her. After half a minute, all the members of the jury appreciated the incredibly clear voice of the already-confronted girl. She sang “Power of Love” with such sensuality and emotion that the audience in the hall could not hold back their tears.

This song itself is very complex. To sing it, you must have a very strong voice and a wide range. In truth, not all famous performers can boast of such vocal qualities.

Gidi charmed absolutely all the members of the jury. They just couldn’t believe that at such a young age it was possible to sing “Power of Love” in such a grown-up way. It felt like it was performed by a prominent singer, not a 10-12 year old girl. Incredibly beautiful and sensual performance. You can see it in this video.

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