Barely moving her legs, Lyuska crossed the road. She hadn’t eaten for several days, it was starting to get dark in her eyes

Many days without food robbed Lyuska of her last strength, so she crossed the road slowly, leaning heavily on her slender legs. The dog was no longer thinking about eating, all she wanted at that moment was for the brown spots in front of her eyes to disappear, and also, as soon as possible, to find a place where she could lie down and rest. Lyuska didn’t want to go anywhere anymore, just lay down and not move.

In her youth, Lyuska liked to run, as she was a hunting dog, but with age, she became slower and missed her prey more and more often. The owner did not want to feed the dog, which became useless and chased into the street.

It wasn’t easy for Lyuska, she often didn’t have enough to eat, she constantly suffered from cold. Recently, it has only gotten worse and in her thoughts she has been asking more and more to die quietly. It was this thought that was in her head when, having gathered her last strength, she crossed the road. There had been no food in her stomach for so long that she was no longer hungry and didn’t even think to get something edible. Quite unexpectedly, right in front of his nose on the floor was a piece of sausage.

Lyuska stared at the sausage incomprehensibly, as if she had forgotten what it was and what it was for. The smell reminded her of the object’s purpose and she instinctively swallowed the treat. The food gave her the strength to achieve her goal of reaching a quiet corner where she fell asleep. Maybe the dog never woke up, or maybe she found the strength to go on, no one knows, but she hasn’t been seen in the city since that day.

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