The father died and the mother abandoned these children… find out what this little heroine did

Her life is a fight and she is a heroine…

A 10-year-old girl takes care of her two younger brothers after her mother ran away and her father died. The girl cooks for the children, dresses them, takes them to school, and then brings them home.

Xiao Ying sacrificed her own childhood for the welfare of her brothers.

After the death of her father, the young girl became the father and mother of the family…

A 10-year-old girl lives with her brothers in Nantana, a small village. She does all the work that usually falls to adults. A few years ago, the children’s father died of cancer and their irresponsible mother abandoned them.

Xiao’s life is spent taking care of his brothers, but he never complains. The children’s uncle offered to adopt them, but the girl refused, saying she would be able to do everything herself. The children live in their uncle’s house.

Xiao’s daily activities are countless: bring water, cook, do the laundry… It’s amazing that on top of all that, the girl is doing very well in studying. Neighbors and relatives help the children as much as they can. She’s a real heroine

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