The father could not buy a backpack for his son, so he created it with his own hands

In some countries, it is still very difficult for parents to allow their children to study at school. However, all children should have the same right to study and benefit from a quality education. Being educated is the benchmark for having a bright future.

Sadly, the UN says that more than 60 million young children simply do not go to school. This trend is due to the fact that the financially poor society cannot afford to provide education for its children.

In many parts of the world, young children have had to earn their daily food since childhood. Thus, they don’t even have time for education, as they work for their families by sharing care and responsibility from an early age.

Some children also have younger siblings, and they are responsible for the older ones, as their parents are always busy with their work. So, the hero of this story is just one example of how his parents value education, even though they don’t have money for a school bag.

Recently, a teacher from one of the Cambodian schools showed what the backpack of one of his students was made of.

It’s inspiring that the father decided to create a homemade backpack for his son.

As the mother of the child says where they live, the cost of a simple bag starts from 30,300 riels, which is equivalent to 7 US dollars.

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