The family had a look at the baby. What they witnessed astounded them.

This couple truly caught me off guard!
Unlike many other parents, they made the decision to make the pregnancy and delivery of a child… or children… a genuinely spectacular occasion.

Most parents hurry to inform their loved ones of their baby’s gender on the night before birth.
But with our pair, that is not the case.

They made the decision to surprise their loved ones by keeping the news of their pregnancy a secret.
Not only did they keep this information from their family members, but they also refused to learn the sex of their unborn children.

The wellbeing of their unborn children was their exclusive concern during pregnancy.

They obviously adhered to the recommendations of an expert and saw their gynecologist frequently.

Young parents at the time were not interested in anything else.

They made the decision to place video cameras in the home after the twins were delivered, and they also encouraged family to see them.

They obviously did not anticipate their loved ones to have such a strong and emotional response.
We wish to share these very beautiful moments with everyone.
After all, happiness and good feelings spread easily.

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