Father and son are in tears as they hold the family’s ‘miracle’ baby in their arms

A man and his son have snapped after holding the tiny baby for the first time after birth. The emotional moment capturing their priceless reactions was shared in a now-viral Instagram video.

A father and son in tears as they hold the family’s ‘miracle’ baby in their arms.

For years, Joao Prudencio Neto and his beautiful wife waited for God to give them another child to please their son, David, who always wanted to have a sibling. They quickly received their miracle, welcoming a baby girl, Giovanna, without having to resort to any artificial procedures.

The family welcomed their newcomer in March, giving each member a reason to smile and be grateful. In particular, no one seemed more touched by the miracle than Neto and his son, who couldn’t find the words when they first saw the little beauty.

All they could do in that moment was shed tears of gratitude as the years of sadness, long nights full of tears, and incessant prayers came flooding back to them.

Neto shared a video of the beautiful and emotional moment on Instagram, also thinking about their years of struggle. The video showed the new dad sitting on a couch, with his son sitting on his lap.

The young boy, who was lovingly holding the baby in his arms, seemed excited at first. But the moment he stared at his little sister’s peaceful face, he immediately snapped uncontrollably, his dad did the same a few seconds later.

The father whispered a few words of consolation to the boy, but that only intensified their overflowing emotions. The pair also expressed their love for the little girl by whispering words of affection to her, officially welcoming her into the family.

In the caption, Neto explained that he became sterile after taking David in, but still trusted God for a miracle. After patiently waiting for nearly ten years, his wife, Caroline Prudencio, finally conceived a child through natural methods.

The miraculous conception happened despite zero sperm production, which makes it all the more touching.

Neto remains grateful for this healing gift from Jesus Christ and the wonderful miracle of childbirth. Now a blessed father of two, the man hopes his story will inspire others hoping for a miracle to keep believing in God. He wrote:

“The birth of Giovanna is not only a blessing for our family, but also for all those who dream of one day experiencing the miracle that only Jesus can do.”

He then explained that his family prayed every day for several years until he became a father again. Continuing, he noted that his outpouring of emotion was only for the miracle.

Following Neto’s touching post, several netizens took to the comments section to congratulate the new parents on their little baby. Many shared beautiful words of encouragement to the family who finally found happiness. One of them wrote:

Such beautiful stories certainly help people overcome their difficult trials and give them hope for a miracle that will change their lives.

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