The Voice 2024: Bigflo compares Lize to… a character from Harry Potter!

As part of the continuation of the blind auditions for The Voice 2024 this Saturday, February 17, a candidate from Marseille, Lize, achieved the feat of having all four chairs turned around. And received an unexpected compliment from Bigflo. It’s an atypical profile like The Voice likes. This Saturday, February 17, on the occasion of the broadcast of the second number of the blind auditions of the show presented by Nikos Aliagas on TF1, viewers discovered Lize, a 25-year-old from Marseillaise. “My life is music,” she declared in her portrait, confiding in passing that she learned to play the violin at the age of 7 thanks to her grandfather. “I always loved singing, I always did it at the same time as the violin, even during family meals. I sang on the bus, I sang a little all the time.” After leaving home, she went on an adventure at the age of 18 with people her age, notably performing in big tops.

The Voice 2024: who is Lize, the Marseillaise who passed her blind audition this Saturday, February 17? The turning point for Lize came during Covid. It was at that moment that she decided to refocus on herself and try her luck in TF1 talent show. “The Voice would validate the fact that I have my place in music and as a singer,” said the Marseillaise before going on stage in front of the chairs of Mika, Zazie, Bigflo & Oli and Vianney and performing La daughter, from Louane. With her crystal clear voice, Lize performed flawlessly, making the four chairs turn around. Bigflo was the first to speak to shower the candidate with compliments. “It’s funny because we see the difference right away between good singers and real artists. You have a great thing to tell,” he said. The rapper even dared the comparison with a famous fictional character: “There is also this Luna Lovegood side in Harry Potter that I really like”. A parallel with the distracted character from the world of the famous wizard created by J.K. Rowling that the main interested party appreciated: “I’ll take it!”.

The Voice 2024: why did Lize choose Zazie as her coach? Zazie then expressed her keen interest in Lize’s world: “How do you manage to be so simple while making something so refined and sophisticated for us? It’s very disturbing. I love it this kind of ambiguity and paradox that there is in what you have to offer. It’s not the answer that interests me, it’s more the question.” At the time of choice, at the end of a slight suspense, the choice of the Marseille candidate fell on Zazie. “In reality, it’s Zazie who touches me a lot!”, launched Lize. “I’m spoiled! It’s going to be great,” reacted the coach before starting a dance of joy. The Voice 2024: discover the price of Vianney’s jacket during the blind auditions!

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