People with high IQ can solve this optical illusion test. Only 3% of people can find the bunny hidden in the girl’s room in the photo in 7 seconds

If you enjoy solving optical illusions, it suggests that you are intelligent, curious, and have good problem-solving skills. It also shows that you are patient and persistent. Test your skills with a new Jagranjosh puzzle. com. You are offered a photo in which you see a boy sleeping in his cozy room.

A cat and a dog also sleep next to him. But besides them, there is also a rabbit hiding in this room. Although the rabbit is in a prominent position, it blends well into the background, making it not easy to find its ears or nose. Set yourself a little challenge and try to find it in just 7 seconds.

Optical illusions are designed to trick your brain, and it requires a high level of intelligence to find the answer no matter what. If you were able to find the hidden rabbit within 7 seconds, it means you have a high IQ.

If you couldn’t find the rabbit in the photo, don’t worry. Find out the answer to the optical illusion below.

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