A Mother Who Gave Birth At The Age Of 66 Has Faced Social Stigma Ever Since

In 2005, Adriana Iliescu, at 66 years old, became one of the oldest mothers on record when she gave birth to her daughter, Eliza Marie. Through in vitro fertilization (IVF) and a cesarean delivery, Iliescu was initially pregnant with twins, but sadly one of the fetuses did not survive due to heart problems.

Eliza Marie was born about six weeks premature and weighed just 1.4 kilograms, less than half of a typical baby’s weight. Despite the difficulties, the mother and child were able to return home after about six weeks of recovery.

Iliescu’s decision to have a child at such an advanced age drew criticism from specialist doctors, considering the potential risk to the elderly woman. Some have expressed concerns about the ethical aspects of a mother being old enough to be a great-grandmother to her daughter.

Richard Kennedy, spokesman for the British Fertility Society, called the decision “completely irresponsible”. Additionally, the Romanian Orthodox Church condemned the decision, calling it “selfish.”

Iliescu defended her choice, saying becoming a mother was always her ultimate goal. She had worked there for years and had been trying fertility treatments since 1995. Despite her age, Iliescu claimed to feel energetic and healthy, expressing her joy at having Eliza Marie.

According to the latest known information, Adriana Iliescu would be 83 years old and Eliza Marie 17 years old. Iliescu’s case is no longer the oldest recorded childbirth case, as Carmela Bousada, a Spaniard, gave birth to twins at the age of 66 in 2006.

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