The amazing arrival of the third set of twins

In Scotland, a mother recently gave birth to her third set of identical twins. Such an occurrence is 1 in 500,000 likely.

Following the birth of Rowan and Isla, another set of twins, Glasgow residents Karen Rodger, 41, and her husband Colin, 44, have once again become parents.

The girls, who are fraternal or identical twins, were delivered through C-section two minutes apart.

The couple already has four identical boys: Lewis and Kyle, who are 14 years old, and Finn and Jude, who are 12 years old.

Roger made the decision to have another kid since he felt that her family was incomplete. In the sixth week of her pregnancy, the woman had an ultrasound and learned she was carrying twins once again. She immediately informed her husband of the news.

He assumed his wife was making a joke when he heard this and replied:

It’s not humorous, that.

It was necessary for Roger to convince her spouse that it was accurate.

The couple, together with the four elder boys, are now overjoyed about the new family member.

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