Kylian Mpabbé less and less appreciated by the French, his popularity rating is plummeting and here is why

Would the star of PSG and the France team be less and less appreciated by the French? This is what suggests a survey whose results came out this weekend.

Kylian Mbappé’s popularity rating has been falling for a few months. This is revealed by the results of an Odoxa survey carried out by RTL and Winamax.

The 24-year-old footballer remains widely acclaimed by the French. They are 70% to find it likeable. But this is ten points less than in 2019.

Of the 1005 questioned in this representative panel of the French population, 63% have a good image of Kylian Mbappé, while 36% have a bad one.

This decline in popularity among the PSG player can be explained by his recent opinions on and outside the stadiums. First of all, there is his letter addressed to the leaders of the Parisian club. We also remember that he had come to the defense of Zinedine Zidane after the words of Noël Le Graët and very recently, the native of Bondy reacted after the death of Nahel in Nanterre.

Facts and gestures scrutinized and analyzed that go more unnoticed. 67% of respondents believe that Kylian Mbappé is not in his role when he speaks on such current topics, while 64% of them disagree with his message on the death of Nahel.

Moreover, the footballer also appears less humble in the eyes of the public than four years ago (45%, or -21 points) and less charismatic (57%, or -9 points).

In the rest of the ranking of the most popular French sportsmen, Teddy Riner is still at the top with 89% of favorable opinions, followed by Tony Parker (87%). Kylian Mbappé closes the step of the podium.

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