More than 14 million people have seen the dance between the father and daughter. Let’s enjoy it together

In the absence of the mother, this dad understands how to keep the kids amused! It’s wonderful to observe how well-liked and cordial parents and kids are with one another. What a delightful and entertaining dance this pair produced!

Josh made the decision this time to film a dance with Audrey, his six-year-old daughter! He started dancing after playing a motivating Justin Timberlake song. They did a fantastic dance! Particular focus should be placed on the vibrant clothing.

Just look at Josh’s adorable tiny jeans! This color palette is uplifting for everyone.

Millions of people on YouTube and other social networking sites enjoyed these amusing dancing techniques. I can only picture the mother’s shock when one of her friends forwarded the clip to this explosive dance to her! Thanks to this duo, Justin’s song has a fresh tone! Josh and Audrey became well-known online as a result of this dance.

I really hope that this funky dance lifted your spirits and contributed to the good vibes! In this brief film, there is so much love and excitement.

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