A boy started a non-profit that raises money to buy bulletproof vests for officer dogs

Canine agents, called k9, are protection dogs. They are brave dogs and have given many examples of heroism.

But there are cases when these dogs are attacked and shot by malefactors and robbers.

A ten-year-old boy named Brady loves dogs and for his boundless love for these animals he decided to raise money to provide body armor for K9 security guards.

This Little Boy Watched A TV Show With His Parents About Police Dogs And He Was Surprised To Find Out That Canine Officers Don’t Wear Bulletproof Vests Because They’re Risking Their Lives.

Brady decided to acquire money to buy bulletproof vests for K9 agents.

And for this, he created a donation page on Facebook for the purpose of equipping brave dogs.

In a month he has already bought the first vests.

He attended local events to present his project, to explain the importance of his good deed and to ask for help.

He said that since these dogs saved lives, they deserved to be safe.

Then, Brady created a non-profit organization to finance his project.

Thus, this child was able to raise approximately three hundred and fifteen thousand dollars to buy equipment intended to protect the canine agents.

He was able to buy bulletproof vests for almost three hundred police dogs.

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