This once-homeless man who has an iron will: he managed to become a millionaire

Khalil Raatfi, a 46-year-old man who lives in the United States, is a very wealthy entrepreneur. His fortune is made up of several million dollars.

But people don’t know that he was homeless and once suffered from drug addiction.

Sometimes in life there are compassionate people who can support you.

So a compassionate friend comforted Khalil by offering to radically change and start his life over.

The man set out to make juice for the staff and residents of the Riviera Rehabilitation Centre.

And the organization gave a favorable follow-up to his case.

Over time, he gained a good reputation in Hollywood which allowed him to open a chain of juice bars which he called Sun Life Organics Juice Bar.

His bars had so many customers that he decided to increase his production, preparing coffee, creams, frozen yogurts and different types of drink. 

There were celebrities who became frequent visitors to his bars, among them actor David Duchovny and Red Hot Chilli Peppers performer Anthony Kides.

Currently, many entrepreneurs and also people without fortune are inspired by the beautiful story of Khalil Raatfi who suffered so much during his youth.

He serves as an example for many people who have not been able to succeed in their lives and who can change it with the help of entrepreneurship.

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