Mireille Dark, in love with Alain Delon, could not bear him a child: their love was banned after 47 years

In 2017, Mireille Darc passed away at the age of 79. Famous actress of her generation, the actress shared her life with Alain Delon for many years. However, the two never had children together despite the longevity of their romance. Zoom on the love story of the two actors.

Even if Alain Delon separated from Mireille Darc, the former couple always remained close until the death of the actress. Following the disappearance of the one who shared part of his life, the actor expressed his sorrow at having lost him forever.


Several years ago, Alain Delon made headlines for his iconic relationship with the beautiful Mireille Darc. If most people think that the meeting between the two actors took place on a plane or even in a restaurant, this is not at all the case according to Henry-Jean Servat.

In fact, the love story between Anthony Delon’s father and the late actress dates back to the spring of 1968. That year, Mireille Darc was filming alongside Tony Curtis for “Inflated to Block” when she received a telegram coming from Alain Delon whom she did not yet know. He had told her that he was going to “offer her the role of his life”.

Faced with this message, the actress did not wait long to call Alain Delon. On the phone, she asks the actor to come and talk about this project face to face and also to bring her the script. It is in this way that their idyll began to be born.

Every evening, the octogenarian who was still married to Nathalie, who frequented Romy Schneider and who lived with Brigitte Bardot, spoke on the telephone with Mireille Darc. The two confided in each other a lot and over time they began to fall in love with each other.

They then got together and kept their relationship secret before making it official.


Alain Delon and his former girlfriend spun the perfect love, but it was the actor’s desire for paternity that put an end to their relationship. Indeed, the two lovebirds separated because Mireille Darc could not child.

In “Tea or Coffee”, the actor had notably mentioned this subject. This period was not at all easy for Alain to go through, because he had to make a choice. The doctors have, in fact, revealed to him that Mireille, suffering from heart disease, could die if she became pregnant.

Not wanting the actress to risk her life, he put his partner’s health before his desire.

“I couldn’t ask a woman to give me a child to die in the next hour and that’s kind of why we broke up,” he confided.

And when she and Alain Delon separated, Mireille Darc just said to herself that it was perhaps better that way, because the actor “needed to make a living”. The actress did not really regret this choice, because seeing her ex-companion happy with her children was enough to comb her.

Alain Delon and Mireille Darc may have rebuilt their lives alongside other people after their separation, but the two have always maintained a very close bond between them. If during their interviews, they only use tender words when talking about each other, the actress has also regularly shown herself in the arms of her ex in public.

Married to the late actress until her death, Pascal Desprez confided in the relationship between his wife and Alain Delon, and this, a few days after his disappearance.

Against all odds, the widower of the actress feels no bitterness vis-à-vis the former companion of his wife. Pascal said that between him and his wife, trust reigned strongly and that he had “never even looked at his phone, his emails”.

Regarding the death of the one he loved so much, Pascal Desprez did not hide his grief. He confided to Gala to be “lost” and had also described the loss of his beloved as “a pain of every moment”.

“At first you tell yourself that she will come back. Then one day, you become aware of the disappearance. And there, it is atrocious ”, he said.

Fortunately, the husband of the deceased was able to count on the support of many people, like Alain Delon who had been by his side during the funeral of the one who had played in “The Ice Breasts”.


It was on August 28, 2017 that Mireille Darc passed away. His death had saddened more than one and Alain Delon was among those who were most affected. It is therefore with great emotion that the actor reacted to the death of his great love with Paris Match, two days after the disappearance of the latter.

Pained by the disappearance of the actress, the one who had been in a relationship with Nathalie Delon said, with tears in his eyes, that Mireille Darc “deserved so much to live”. Note that this was the third time that the actor lost a woman who mattered to him, after Romy Schneider and Simone Signoret.

“I won’t have many years to live without her, not too many years to suffer. She, at least, is no longer in pain. She rests. Without her, I can leave too”, he declared.


Long before his meeting with Mireille Darc, Alain Delon had a love story with Romy Schneider. The two met while filming a movie and fell in love.

However, after five years of relationship, they preferred to end everything. Find out why the two actors have decided to end their romance.

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