When the dancer falls to the ground, the dog puts the public on their feet

The dogs are not only quite smart, but also beautifully talented and they can take part in the various championships and festivals.

Come welcome Lusy Imbergerova, and her beautiful dog Deril from Italy. By composing a great duo, they took the stage of the FCI Dog Dancing Championship and made the audience admire.

From the start, it was obvious that this lovely couple was going to win the championship. When the music began, the dog fell in love with his role.

Lucy and Deril featured two soldiers training in a training ground.

The fantastic couple accomplished their game so much and the movements of the drills were so wonderfully done that the admirable scene was embodied as a reality.

The Canine Dance World Championship became a real spectacle with the entry of Lusy and Deril: the daily military training sessions were shown so skillfully by the admirable duo that they took over all the attention of the spectators.

If you followed the expression on Deril’s face, you would see an admirable smile that did not leave him until the end of the competition.

After perfectly executed drills, when the music changed and the events were transmitted to the “battlefield” and a fake grenade exploded, the audience also erupted, but applause!

Dogs never cease to amaze people, but what Deril did was an incredible phenomenon. Together with his companion, he was able to conquer the hearts of humans.

Here is the video, watch and feel all the sensations of this great performance!

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