Puppy Saves His Sleeping Owner’s Life By Chewing His Toe To The Bone

In Cambridge, a man can thank his puppy for saving his life in a completely unlikely way. As he slept, he had his toe chewed on, which revealed a much deeper pain.

It was an afternoon like any other for David Lindsay, a resident of Cambridge, England, when he decided to fall asleep for a quick nap. Meanwhile, her 7-month-old pup Harley was reportedly having a little craving.

So hungry that he jumped on his master’s bare toe. Indeed, Harley started biting David’s toe while he slept. If we are not surprised to see that a little puppy likes to chew on everything he finds, it is the fact that his master has not been woken up that is surprising.

It wasn’t until his wife came home that Harley stopped. And by then, the puppy had chewed on the toe so much that you could almost see the bone!

“I was asleep on the couch when my wife came in and yelled, ‘Dave, the puppy is eating your toe’,” David explains, before continuing: “My puppy almost ate my big toe. He totally chewed it to the bone, until he cracked it” .

But how could David not wake up? A question that will find its answer when the puppy ‘s owner goes to the hospital for treatment, where he was placed on intravenous antibiotics: “I discovered that my foot was totally numb, I felt nothing” .

The doctors then took the opportunity to take a few x-rays to see how badly the toe was damaged and they discovered that David had two clogged arteries. A condition that could have led David to amputation if the blood supply could not be assured.

So, by chance, Harley’s appetite allowed the doctors to discover the latent evil that was gnawing at David and of which he was not at all aware. Awaiting treatment for his illness, David knows he owes his puppy a big debt: “I’m going to try to keep my toe, but if I can’t, I’ll ask my doctors to cut it off to give it to my dog” .

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