Jacques Dutronc is facing a tragic end…

Jacques Dutronc and Françoise Hardy married in 1981. They met in 1967 and formed one of the most media-savvy couples of the time. Their son, Thomas Dutronc, was born in 1973. In 1990, Jacques Dutronc and Françoise Hardy separated. Nevertheless, they never divorced and remain very close. If the singer has rebuilt his life since, nothing filters on the private life of the singer. Or at least, what she wants to say.

The wife of Jacques Dutronc speaks in particular of his cancer and the terrible suffering caused by his treatment. Objeko returns to his shocking statements. Statements that some may read as a call to legislate on the right to euthanasia and the right to die with dignity.

Françoise Hardy was very clear to Thomas and Jacques Dutronc. She does not want to stay in this world waiting to die out in suffering. Her daily life is terrible and she agreed to talk about it in the media. First, on June 25, 2019, she confided on the airwaves of RTL that she was again suffering from cancer.

She spoke about it in particular to explain that she would no longer sing since the treatment had made her deaf in one ear. According to her, these are part of the “nightmarish side effects” she has to deal with. And which his relatives, Thomas and Jacques Dutronc, must also face. Side effects that make life hard for him.

“They have been ruining my life for two years and weakening me more and more because of the absence of saliva, the lack of irrigation of the entire ENT area, generalized dryness and nasal bleeding, respiratory distress . “ , she thus declared to RTL.

Adding this very sad observation, Objeko grants it to you, “You can’t be a singer and be in that state, it’s not compatible. I have my throat which is fragile, I don’t know if I could ever use it again. “ Is words already very difficult to hear for fans and relatives of the wife of Jacques Dutronc.

The end of his musical career, for a person who lives to sing, does not indeed announce anything good. Thomas and Jacques Dutronc therefore approached Françoise Hardy to help her in her daily life. The singer is grateful to them, for their gestures, but she also knows that it will not be enough to make her feel good.

So, in April 2021, she asks for the right to euthanasia. The wife of Jacques Dutronc can no longer calmly consider his end of life. It’s too much pain, too much difficulty, too much horror. She who is however so modest will thus give chilling details in the media. Until announcing on June 17, 2021 that she feels that the end is near.

Obviously, the whole of France is upset, as much as Thomas and Jacques Dutronc, to imagine the departure of this great lady of French song. Objeko brings you his moving words, collected in the columns of Femme Actuelle. Because a few months before her confession on June 17, Françoise Hardy knew that it was too late not to consider euthanasia.

“I can’t swallow much anymore, and preparing the same food that I can swallow takes me more than 5 hours a day. I have nothing that works normally since these therapies and my nights are worse than my days. There’s always worse than what you’re suffering from yourself, but that’s no consolation. she would say. Refusing since to appear in public, the singer’s fans can only imagine how much she is suffering.

And it is therefore without detours, Objeko told you, that she evokes her imminent death. “My physical suffering has already been so terrible that I fear that death will force me to go through even more physical suffering. Moreover, morphine being drying, it can only be administered to me in massive doses so that I die, and not in lighter doses so that I suffer less. I’m also afraid of the immense sorrow of the form of separation from the beings we love most in the world, which is death. said then the wife of Jacques Dutronc.

Concluding that her husband and she were already in agreement regarding her end of life. “Jacques and I agree on a lot of things and he doesn’t want me to suffer inhumanely because of the after-effects of heavy treatments and age. Who would want that? concluded Françoise Hardy.

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