‘Bravo’ Clever elephant’s call for help saves an antelope from drowning

An elephant in a Guatemalan zoo is being hailed a hero for its role in saving a zoo mate!

The rescue was filmed thanks to Maria Diaz. As she and her family were enjoying a day at the zoo, she says the sounds of a nearby elephant caught her attention.

After the sound, she quickly discovered that there was a very good reason for the elephant’s persistent noises.

“I saw that an antelope in the water was really scared, that it was fighting for its life and that an elephant was trying to help it,” recalls Maria.

The antelope jumped desperately in an attempt to stay afloat as the elephant did all it could to get the attention of a nearby human.

Luckily, one arrived just in time! He rushed into the water and carefully helped the antelope back to dry land.

Cheers erupted as Maria joined in, shouting, “Bravo!”

Since then, the zoo has rewarded both the human and the elephant for their heroic act – as they should!

Watch this adorable elephant calling for help in the video below, and don’t forget to share.

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