A man tries to save a beaver stuck in the river: suddenly he understands something incredible

Usually when I walk the dog, everything is fine. I’m enjoying the fresh air, thinking about life, or listening to music on my headphones.

But every once in a while my dog ​​picks up an odor that interests him and runs off into the forest.

I don’t usually pay much attention to it, but sometimes I’m curious to know what caught my dog’s attention…

When Jim Passmore from Oklahoma went for a walk with his dogs, he noticed his animals circling suspiciously around the nearby creek.

At first Jim thought they had found a huge beaver near the shore, but it turned out to be something else. Since there are quite a few beavers in the area, he believed having come across one.

But, upon closer inspection, Jim realized it was actually an elderly dog ​​that had gotten stuck in the water near the shore. The man called the police and together they pulled the struggling animal out of the creek.

The dog, which was later named Teddy, was overweight. According to the police, as a result of this, the unfortunate 8-year-old dog was unable to get up on his paws.

Teddy’s age and extra weight prevented him from getting out of the water. Luckily, people were able to pull Teddy out of the creek, after which they took him to the Alta Vista Veterinary Clinic for a checkup.

Teddy was shy and afraid of people, but the shelter staff thought they could find him a home and loving owners.

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